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About Us

Industrial rope access is utilised for a number of maintenance, repair, inspection and development procedures across a variety of industries. It’s a safe and efficient alternative to traditional access platforms like scaffolding and elevated work platforms. Being International Industrial Rope Access Trade Association(IRATA) trained and certified as well as working in full compliance with the IRATA International Code of Practice (ICoP), we have a safety record that is simply unrivalled. Our work also comes with economic benefits as theIRATA rope access system has proven to be the safest work positioning method for personnel to carry out tasks with minimal impact on other operations in the surrounding area. We demand and supply only the highest quality workmanship; with a team of fully qualified and experienced personnel who demonstrate ongoing leadership and integrity. Above all, we put safety at the forefront of our work and would never compromise the security of the public or our peers. As a team of determined individuals, we’ll continue to maintain our disciplined work ethic to ensure consistent growth and development as both a team, and a business.

All IRATA Certified

All IRATA Certified Rope Access Technicians

Our team has been fully trained and assessed in accordance with the IRATA Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme. We exercise all the values outlined in the official Code of Ethics.

Fully Insured

Fully Insured

Because we have such great confidence in our workmanship and safety compliance, our company is fully insured to give our customers peace of mind.

Always On Time

Always On Time

One of the main reasons why people retain a long-term working relationship with us is because of our efficiency. We take deadlines seriously, so you can expect exceptional punctuality and focus.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality Guaranteed

We demand and supply workmanship of the highest quality to maximise efficiency. All work is carried out with diligence, efficiency, and to a standard far beyond normal practices.

Our Story

Ascension Access evolved out of noticeable demand for disciplined workmanship within the rope access industry. Knowing that this was undeniably the most efficient way to carry out repair and maintenance services on large scale buildings, the company’s founder—Graeme—identified an opportunity to match the level of service, with the quality of work. Prior to his involvement in rope access, Graeme’s extensive professional history began with a Bachelor of Environmental Science. He then continued to grow his leadership capabilities through engaging in teaching, working in the Army Reserves, industrial abseiling, working in mine maintenance and construction, and even running his own quarry maintenance company in Melbourne. Having previously delved in rope access work, Graeme refined his skillset through attaining an IRATA Level 3 Safety Supervisor qualification over the past 5 years. He built Ascension Access on the foundation of safety, value and versatility to make sure that customers can confidently utilise our services for a number of both large-scale and small-scale projects.

Ascension Access Our Story