Commercial Builders Clean Melbourne

Ascension Access offers comprehensive commercial builders clean services for larger buildings. We specialise in building exteriors, using rope access systems to clean and prepare the outside of newly built high rise buildings, apartments, and more for use. Discuss your needs with our team today and we’ll provide you with a competitive quote for rope access builders cleaning services.
commercial builders clean melbourne

Why Choose Ascension Access?

With years of experience and a passion for delivering incredible results, Ascension Access has built a reputation as one of the leading rope access technicians in Melbourne. Our team is highly experienced in the construction industry, and we’ve worked on hundreds of high rise buildings throughout Melbourne. As well as cleaning, we can take care of the complete exterior of your property, repairing facades, joints, sealants and caulking if required. If you’re looking for reliable professionals who can provide commercial post-construction cleaning services that don’t cut corners or compromise on quality or safety, choose Ascension Access. We’ll transform your building from a construction site to a finished building.

Professional Safety Standards

Our professional cleaners follow strict safety instructions, according to IRATA (In­dus­trial Rope Ac­cess Trade As­so­ci­ation) standards and regulations. We begin each project with a comprehensive examination and evaluation of the job location. This allows us to determine what areas need to be worked on and how we’ll perform the work in the best way possible. Regarding builders cleaning, this will involve a complete overview of the building, from top to bottom, evaluating anchor points and access to ensure safety for both our technicians and involved parties throughout the clean.

We take great pride in delivering construction cleaning services efficiently and safely, offering professional-grade results with no compromise. We work according to your needs and schedule, ensuring your building is ready for use at the required time. And with the latest in builders cleaning and rope access technology, we guarantee satisfaction from start to finish and beyond.

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Our Commercial Builders Cleaning Services

We offer several Melbourne builders cleaning services for businesses, construction companies and contractors throughout Melbourne. All our services can be tailored to your needs, so discuss your requirements with a member of our team today for more information and professional service.

Exterior Builders Cleaning Service

We can clean the exterior of your newly constructed building through the use of elevated platforms or rope access mechanisms. This involves clearing dust from ledges, window cleaning, clearing out gutters and roof valleys if applicable and more.

Interior Builders Cleaning Service

If the inside of your building has hard to access areas, such as foyers, elevated platforms, windows, or other vertical architecture, we can use our systems to clean them thoroughly and ensure they’re prepared for public access. Discuss your needs with our team for more information on this service.

Renovation Cleaning Service

If you’ve just carried out major renovations, there may be dust or residue left behind. Dust on windows, rubble on the exterior of the building, and similar issues. Like our other construction cleaning service, we can carry out a complete clean to ensure your building is ready for public use again.

Get Professional Builders Cleaning Melbourne Today

With experienced, trained technicians you can be sure you’re getting a professional cleaning service with Ascension Access. All of our jobs are fully insured for your complete peace of mind. If you have any questions about our services, talk to one of our rope access technicians today. We offer a wide range of rope access solutions, including caulking, cleaning, maintenance and more. Call now on 0447 508 076.