ascension access indutrial rope service project

From a design standpoint, the Façade is the most important aspect of architectural design. It’s where first impressions are created, so it’s important that you retain the high-end image of a building or property by obtaining regular maintenance checks. Ascension Access will carry out a full-scope, top to bottom inspection of your façade before producing a comprehensive report detailing any information that could impact the visual appeal or structural integrity of a building. This includes issues like crack, leaks, corrosion, misaligned or damaged drain pipes and more. We also detect any defects that might pose a public hazard, such as improperly fitted air-conditioner units. Unlike inspections carried out using scaffolding, our team have full range of motion to check absolutely every detail, in a much more efficient manner. Our attention to detail is second to none, and we take a text-book approach to ensure every minor detail has been accounted for during inspection.