Professional Industrial Rope Access Solution

Many businesses don’t consider the effect a worn-out façade has on their customers. And when it comes to apartments, a rough looking exterior can affect people’s perceptions. At Ascension Access we’re experts at restoring building facades. Using rope access technology, we can reach and repair the parts of your building that others can’t, with impressive results. We work on high rise buildings, apartments, businesses and more all across Melbourne, restoring facades to perfect condition. From the moment you call, our technicians will be there to help, assessing your building and identifying what work needs to be done and the best way to do it. From there, we complete the repairs according to your schedule, leaving you with an amazing looking façade. We’re the leaders in façade repair Melbourne. We also provide high rise painting, industrial rope access and other kinds of services Call us now and schedule your repairs today.

Expert Services From Industry Leaders

At Ascension Access we’re proud of the services we provide. With a focus on safety, efficiency and high-quality results, we achieve fantastic results for small and large buildings. Our laser-sharp attention to detail helps us to see things that others don’t, and act on this. We use advanced rope access technology to repair your façade efficiently and effectively. If you’re looking for a facade repair Melbourne specialist that can provide fantastic workmanship and fast results, choose Ascension Access.


Façade Repairs in Melbourne

Why Rope Access for Facade Repairs?

Rope access is quickly becoming the method of choice for working on building exteriors. It’s easier and more efficient than setting up scaffolding, not to mention far safer and cheaper. We anchor to either to the existing structure and rope access anchor points, or temporary anchor points on your building to repair the affected areas. All our rope access technicians go through extensive training to ensure safety and work quality. We’re IRATA (In­dus­trial Rope Ac­cess Trade As­so­ci­ation) certified and follow the IRATA code of ethics, a work ethic that we’ve adopted as our own. It’s through this training we’re able to maintain a high level of satisfaction and deliver top results safely and efficiently every time.

Our Rope Access Service Process

From the start of every job to the end, our team will be with you to help you understand the process and get you the best results.

  1. Each one of our jobs begins with an inspection and analysis of the work site. Using specialised flexible rope access methods we can easily scope out the building, identifying hazards, damage, and where the work needs to be done.
  2. From here, we create a detailed report which outlines work that is required. We then organise a time to complete the job according to your schedule. We understand how important time is, and make it our priority to arrive and finish on time.
  3. Finally, we complete the work, finishing everything that needs doing efficiently and professionally.
Experienced Industrial Rope Technician

Call Today for Professional Facade Repairs Melbourne

If you’re looking for professional facade repairs Melbourne, contact Ascension Access today. With a team of expert rope access facade repair specialist on your team, your property will look as good as new. If you have any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re always happy to help and provide info on rope access or any of our other services, including caulking, repairs and more. Call us today on 0447 508 076.