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If you need windows installed or replaced on a high rise building, apartment, or in another hard to reach space, call the experts at Ascension Access. We offer comprehensive rope access glazing Melbourne, helping Melbourne-based businesses and construction companies fit their buildings with glass safely and efficiently. Our professionally trained technicians can complete a wide range of glazing jobs. Discuss your requirements with our staff today and we’ll provide you with a competitive quotation for rope access glazing services.
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Why Choose Ascension Access?

Ascension Access is a leading rope access company in Melbourne with a reputation for providing outstanding high rise glazing services. Our experienced team is professionally trained according to the latest industry standards and is equipped with the skills and technology to handle window installation and repair for double glazed windows, small windows and glass panels, and more. No matter your needs, we can work with you to find a solution.

We also offer a range of other rope access services, including façade repair, joint repair, sealing and caulking. Talk to an experienced member of our team today and we’ll work out which of our services will best fit your needs. All our services can be tailored to meet your needs, delivering incredible results every time.

How Does Rope Access Glazing Work?

Like all rope access services, glazing uses rigs, pulleys and lifting equipment to facilitate the installation or replacement of glass panels in hard to reach places. Rope is a great alternative to scaffolding, as it’s far more flexible and versatile, requiring less preparation and time. With modern rope access tools, it’s also far safer, reducing the chance of damage or accidents to a minimum.

At Ascension Access, we use high quality rope systems and specialised technology to secure both our technicians and glass panels. This way, we can remove any existing panels and install the new ones with complete control over the process.

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Professional Safety Standards

Our glazing technicians follow strict safety instructions, according to IRATA (In­dus­trial Rope Ac­cess Trade As­so­ci­ation) standards and regulations.

We begin each project with a detailed assessment and evaluation of the work site. It enables us to evaluate what areas need to be improved and how we will execute the job in the safest and most efficient manner possible. We take great pride in delivering rope access glazing services that focus on safety and work hard to make sure the results delivered are up to our high standards. We work according to your needs and schedule, ensuring you can get the results you need within a set timeframe with minimal downtime.

Our High Rise Glazing Services


Glass Installation

Our professional high rise glass installation services ensure high-quality results. We take care of everything regarding glazing installation, maintaining safety and providing you with reliable glazing solutions.

Glass Repair

We can repair any broken glass panels on your building by replacing them with brand new ones. Our technicians will remove the broken panel, install a new one of the same size and shape, then dispose of the old panel for you.

Glass Replacement

Our technicians can replace your existing windows with new ones, switching them out for design or replacing them with double glazing windows. Double glazed windows can reduce traffic noise levels in a building and make it more energy efficient. Ask our team about this service today for more information.

Get Professional High Rise Glazing Melbourne Today

Ascension Access provides professional glazing services with experienced, trained experts that you can trust. Additionally, all of our jobs are fully insured for your complete peace of mind. If you have any queries about our services, contact one of our rope access experts today. We offer a wide range of rope access solutions, including caulking, cleaning, maintenance and more. Call now on 0447 508 076.