When painting or restoring high rise buildings, rope access is easily the leading solution. As well as being far more efficient and more effective than other high rise access methods, it’s also safer, and can result in a higher quality overall result. At Ascension Access we specialise in high rise painting using rope access. With advanced training behind us and a passion for outstanding results, our technicians can access and paint almost any building. We also provide caulking, industrial rope access and other kinds of services. Talk to our high rise painting experts and discuss a personalised painting solution for your high rise building today.

Our high rise painting service focuses on three main aspects: Quality, Efficiency and Safety. As IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) trained technicians, we adhere to a strict Code of Conduct. It’s this code that helps us to maintain both safety on the work site and deliver professional results every time. We strive to maintain the safety of all parties involved with a job, with advanced height safety equipment and processes. Additionally, all our work is fully insured for your peace of mind.

Why Choose Ascension Access?

When you choose Ascension Access, our team of rope access technicians will work with precision and efficiency to get the job done. From start to finish we work to your schedule, arriving when you need us and completing the job within the specified time frame. We understand how frustrating it can be to have to wait on someone else before being able to continue your work. It’s why we treat deadlines seriously and strive to exceed all your expectations for time and quality of work.


A Complete High Rise Painting and Restoration Service

As well as painting we offer a range of other services, including maintenance, facade repairs, pest control, exterior plumbing and more. As part of our service, our technicians will inspect and assess your property for hazards and other potential issues that may need to be addressed to maximise paint adhesion. You will receive a report detailing everything before we begin working. From here, we carry out all the necessary surface preparation to create the perfect base to maximise paint adhesion. This might include concrete repairs, caulking, cleaning, and priming the surface; anything that would stop us from achieving the best possible result.

Advanced Rope Access Methods

We use the latest technology to ensure first class results. From the tools we use to a set of specialised processes, we’ve honed every aspect of our service to its maximum potential. Our team are fully qualified to carry out painting services on residential properties, commercial buildings, STRATA properties, high-rise apartment buildings and more.


Professional Rope Access Painting Services

Our rope access technicians can utilise your property’s existing structure and rope access anchors, or temporary anchors, to paint almost any building. What’s more, the entire process is completely safe, both for our employees and all parties involved. Safety and quality of work are our top priorities for each and every job we undertake. It’s this dedication that helps us improve our service and provide you with impressive results. With full insurance on all our work, you can put your confidence in Ascension Access.

Call Ascension Access Today

If you need professional high rise painting services, Ascension Access can deliver excellent results. Talk to one of our technicians today about painting, repairs and more for your property. Call now on 0447 508 076.