Professional Industrial Rope Access Solution

For professional industrial rope access solutions, choose Ascension Access. Our skilled industrial rope technicians are professionally trained to deliver an outstanding service, and can help you achieve your goals for construction, painting, repairs and more. We take pride in our work and are constantly striving to improve both our services and the quality of our work. Through our efforts, we are able to deliver a service that is nothing short of impressive. For more information, talk to an Ascension Access industrial rope technician today.

Why Choose Ascension Access?

Our service focuses on three primary points:

All IRATA Certified


Our technicians undergo comprehensive training according to the IRATA Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme. We hold to the IRATA Code of Ethics, which helps us to maintain safety of all parties involved and undertake each job with integrity. Additionally, all work we undertake is fully insured to grant you complete peace of mind.

Fully Insured


All our work is completed to a high standard, with our comprehensive training allowing us to maximise both efficiency and quality of work. We have great confidence in our workmanship and guarantee outstanding results.

Always On Time


We know how frustrating it can be to have to wait around for people. Late workers can put dents in your timetable and cause frustration. At Ascension Access, we work to your schedule, arriving on time and completing the job efficiently and effectively. We take deadlines seriously, delivering exceptional results in the time specified.

Choose an Experienced Industrial Rope Technician

Our industrial rope technicians have a range of experience working on industrial work sites across Melbourne. As a team, we have worked on construction sites, engineering projects, industrial machinery and more. Whether you need someone to work on the outside of a building or structure, or conduct repairs in a tight access shaft, our experts can deliver the results you deserve. We work with you closely from start to finish, inspecting and assessing the worksite before beginning the job to identify where works needs to be done. We then plan our work around your schedule, completing it within the required time period. Choose Ascension Access for your industrial rope access needs .

Experienced Industrial Rope Technician
Industrial Rope Access Technicians

Industrial Rope Access Technicians

Rope access can make the completion of many jobs easier, safer and more efficient. From construction to oil exploration, many industries can benefit from the advantages that rope access provides. If you’re in need of skilled rope access technicians for your business, or simply want more information on rope access, contact Ascension Access today. We can provide a comprehensive assessment of your work site and determine which industrial rope access services will best suit your needs. Call now on 0447 508 076.