Commercial High Rises

We carry out a number of inspections, repairs and maintenance works across a variety of high-rise buildings. Whether you need painting or concrete repairs—Ascension Access is armed with the tools and expertise to get the job done in the most efficient and safe way possible. Our qualified tradesmen will negotiate a suitable deadline and do our best to comply with your schedule to create minimal disruption to proceedings within and around the building.

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It is absolutely imperative that the infrastructure of public facilities like hospitals are maintained—not only for visual purposes, but to eliminate risk so far as is reasonably practicable. A tidy looking hospital creates a more credible and trusting image of the facility. At Ascension Access, we take our role very seriously and go above and beyond to restore the exterior in minimal time, with minimal fuss. This is because we operate under the International Code of Practice (ICoP), which ensures our work is achieved to the highest standard, whilst simultaneously reducing the amount of risk for people passing by and on the job.


Residential Apartments

We work in full compliance with IRATA’s International Code of Practice (ICoP) safety guidelines to successfully carry out a number of jobs on residential apartments. While housing so many people, it’s imperative to perform the appropriate risk assessment which generally includes consistent building and façade inspections. We’re straight onto any flaws or hazards identified, which are also listed in a comprehensive report produced for the client. The specific services we extend to residential apartment buildings include concrete repairs, painting, caulking, façade inspections, and anything else required to restore safety and aesthetic to the building.


Heritage Listed Buildings

Heritage-listed buildings require a different kind of expertise when it comes to repairs and restoration. The materials, design, and building methods used to construct them differ quite significantly from buildings today, so it’s important to have an understanding of these discrepancies to know what hazards to look for and how to appropriately manage them. Preservation is also an important aspect of our work, because restrictions are put in place to prevent builders and repairers from detracting from the traditional character of the building. On buildings of this nature, we can confidently carry out concrete repairs, painting, caulking, façade inspections, and a range of other services to restore both strength and appeal.

entertainment centre

Entertainment Facilities

With the number of people that filter in and out of entertainment facilities every year, maintenance is a high-priority—but obviously, this poses a challenge with large structures like stadiums and performance centres. However, Ascension Access has absolutely no issues when it comes to repairs, installations or inspections. Some of the services we offer that are required for entertainment facilities include steel infrastructure maintenance, bird proofing and pest control, glazing and more. For all repair and maintenance work, make sure to contact our professionals to learn the full scope of work we can do on entertainment facilities!



Ascension Access fully understand the level of attention to detail necessary to fulfil Australian building standards. Not only does rope access give us greater flexibility compared to scaffolding or elevated work platforms, but it enables us to complete jobs at a much more efficient pace—which is obviously vital for project management. We’re happy to do everything from painting, caulking and installations, through to exterior plumbing. Contact us to learn more about the services we offer for construction projects!

shopping centres

Shopping Centres

Closely monitoring hazards and exterior features of frequently used public facilities like shopping centres is absolutely vital. Of course, public perception also plays a huge role on the number of visitors a shopping centre will get—so maintaining the image and cleanliness is also important. We offer painting, caulking, leak detection, façade inspections and number of other services to retain the image of shopping centres all over Victoria.



As popular as rope access is for high buildings and structures, it’s also commonly used for mine maintenance. We employ the highest attainable safety standards to ensure our team, and everyone around us is safe at all times. This is demonstrated by our commitment to operating under IRATA —the world’s leading authority in rope access—who have implemented and enforced a number of working policies and guidelines to ensure consistent, premium workmanship. Have a chat with our team to learn more about our mine maintenance work today!



One of the best qualities of Ascension Access is our ability to work harmoniously with all other workers and tradesmen on-site while causing minimal interference with their movements. This is particularly important for industrial work, as well as working in full compliance with the IRATA International Code of Practice (ICoP). We’re happy to extend our services and carry out all kinds of inspections, repairs, services and installations to help improve or restore the integrity of industrial structures. Some of our core industrial rope access work involves concrete repairs, painting, steel infrastructure maintenance, builders clean and more.

national parks

National Parks

As well as working on buildings and structures, we’re also highly experienced and confident when it comes to working on landscape maintenance. This incorporates tasks like weeding, trimming back trees and plants and all maintenance work that will reduce hazards to the public and contribute to the visual appeal of the park. Call us to learn more about what kind of services we provide for National Parks today!