Industrial Rope Access Trade Association

What Is Rope Access

IRATA stands for the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association, which is an internationally recognised and highly esteemed body for all safe rope access procedures. With over 400 affiliate member companies, the association leads and represents the industry’s most reputable rope technicians by enforcing the safest and most effective procedures. This is achieved through ongoing training, assessment and education. One of the main objectives behind the organisation is to drive and maintain the highest level of workmanship to facilitate better project outcomes and overall economic prospects. At Ascension Access, we align our practice in accordance with the official International Code of Practice (ICoP). This enables us to diversify the services we offer to a large cross section of industries. As a progressive company, we stay up to date with all developments within the IRATA framework to offer our customers the most safe and efficient service.

About IRATA Certification

IRATA certification comes with a peace of mind guarantee for our customers. It is required by the organisation that all Rope Access Technicians adhere to the strict code of conduct, which covers a number of principles that contribute to both quality workmanship and premium customer service. This includes:

  • Not to practice or condone any unlawful, unfair or dishonest activities.
  • Comply with legal and statutory requirements.
  • Respect and properly apply the laws, regulations, technical rules and accepted professional standards.
  • Conduct actions in any situation with integrity and ethically.

The Ascension Access company mission is set the highest of standards of workmanship; demonstrating leadership in the Rope Access industry. Our team members exercise our advanced knowledge and experience on every job to maintain our goal of zero-harm.

IRATA Certification